Advent starts next week at Elim

We are starting Advent one Sunday early, on Christ the King Sunday. Thanks to all who decorated the church for Christmas – it looks beautiful!

In November we did “tens” in the Bible….first the parable of the ten bridesmaids; then the ten followers of Jesus who stayed with him at the cross; and the ten lepers who Jesus heals. We have been talking about why different people make different decisions in the same circumstances: the five bridesmaids who left versus the five who went to meet the bridegroom; the ten followers who stayed, versus the ten apostles who deserted Jesus on the cross; and the one leper who comes back after being healed to thank Jesus, versus the nine who continue on their way. 

I think it’s important to recognize that in each of these stories, while one group shows up late to discipleship, everyone eventually does make it. Some of us here have always had faith; some came to faith later in life; and quite honestly some of us are still coming to faith! As we have been considering in our Bible study how to reach out beyond our doors, we are puzzling over the large number of people who have fallen away from religion in the United States. How might we leave the door open for them to make their way to faith in their own time? Or maybe I should say, in God’s time.

love, Pastor Chelsea