Elim Extra for July 16, 2023

Pastor’s Note
A Place for Faith: Hearth and Home
In our Genesis 25 story for this Sunday, Rebekah is feeling some major pre-labor pains. I can relate! If I am still with you this Sunday and haven’t had my baby yet, we will be talking about how God wants to be a faithful partner in all areas of our lives, including what we do at home with our families.
One of the things that touches me in Genesis, is how often God steps in to help people with practical matters. For example, he sows the first underwear for Adam and Eve and teaches them how to make clothes out of animal skins. And when Rebekah is distressed by her contractions, God performs the world’s first “ultrasound” and tells her she is having twins. I love having a God who cares for our bodies and views all aspects of our daily lives as important.
The prayer energies of this congregation are powerful! I’m so happy to report that Roger is doing better in the hospital; please keep him and Sheri in your prayers. I appreciate the way you care for one another, and hope that you will say a prayer for my baby and birth as well. I’ve felt very joyful and happy being with you at Elim, and look forward to our last Sunday(s) together before I return in September.
Mama/Pastor Chelsea Page

Church Council Meeting – July 23

Pioneer Days July 24, 2023 – Office will be closed.


Volunteers needed for Family Promise

Sat. Aug 5 – Sun. Aug 13

Please contact Gloria Wurst

Grand Opening

Community Resource Center of My Hometown Ogden

August 19, 2023 10 am to 1pm

373 15th Street Ogden, Utah 84404

Free Event – food, entertainment, games, tours, ribbon cutting.