We proclaim Christ crucified…the power of God and the wisdom of God! 1 Corinthians 1:23

All are welcome

575 23rd St. Ogden, Utah 84401

a gathering place for all God’s people
for the sake of refreshment
and renewal on life’s journey.

We live stream our worship on Facebook through our Elim Lutheran Facebook page which you can find at the following link.  


The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
Satisfaction.  What does it take for us to be satisfied?  Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, and His opening teaching on beatitudes helps us to see that true joy and satisfaction comes not from getting our way, but in learning how to “let go and let God.”

That call to discipleship continues with Jesus call to live as kingdom people—people who reflect God’s priorities and values in their living and relationships.

Church Becoming Meeting
Our Church Becoming meeting is this Sunday after our worship service.  We will be meet in the Fish Bowl Room.

Norm Soland Memorial Service
A memorial service celebrating Norm Soland’s life will be held on Saturday, Feburary 4th at 2 p.m. at the Lindquist Mortuary, 3408 Washington Boulevard, Ogden.  All our members are invited.

Scout Sunday/Youth Futures Love Offering
Scout Sunday is set for February 12.  Troop 54 will assist during the service on that day.  February 12 is also Valentine’s Sunday.  We will be gathering gifts and supplies for Youth Futures as a love offering.  Below are the supplies and gifts they need.

Paper towels                                             Juice
Paper plates                                              Drink mix
Trash bags                                                Gloves
Chapstick                                                 Winter Boots
Ice melt                                                    Men’s sweats
Shampoo and Conditioner                   Men’s gym shorts
Snack food                                               Winter jackets
Fresh fruit

Please pray for Rosemary’s cousin Pam Fuchs diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

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