Elim Extra for December 24, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection

We have just completed eight weeks of the faithful innovation journey with our new book study, and we will be moving on to our second book in January, after taking a few weeks off for the holidays. It’s funny that we are this far into the innovation journey, and so far we have tried nothing new at church (although we’ve brought back some old things, like the sung liturgy). Instead we have followed the book’s advice and slowed down to listen. Theologian Andy Root says that the church should strive for resonance, not relevance. Relevance is keeping busy to try to meet all the latest needs. Resonance is slowing down to listen to what rings true, and hear people’s deeper needs. Innovating for resonance is patient, maybe even stubbornly so for those who would like to get busy fixing the church. The innovation process we are using is a patient one, slowing us down so that we keep God in focus. I hope we bear this in mind as we turn our attention to the budget for the coming year. There are no quick fixes for creating growth at church, even when financial needs are urgent. We have to take it one step at a time, meeting one need at a time. This is the time to send your pledges and offerings to the church office. Our annual congregational meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 28th at 11 AM.

Thank you for voting to replace our sanctuary furnace! It is great to see you stepping out in faith to invest in Elim’s future. I am really touched by all your generous sharing this season: Sub for Santa, Mary’s Circle buying goats and piglets for ELCA hunger action in Brazil, the giving tree, the pillow project and Family Promise with Ascension, Christmas caroling at elder residences… Amazing! I am looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with you. Safe travels to those who are traveling for the holidays. See you when you get back!

with love, Pr. Chelsea


Dec 21, 7 PM – Online holiday grief service for the Longest Night. (Details @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hIBXei26_1w)

Holiday services: Dec 24 @ 10 AM – Cookies and Carols 

Dec 24 @ 5 PM – Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with communion 

Dec 31 10 AM – New Years Eve worship

Jan 14 – Church Council meeting after worship