Elim Extra for September 20, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection

Slow Healing: Open Hearts

In worship we have been reflecting on “slow healing” through the healing miracles of Jesus. In the story of Jesus healing the deaf man, we talked about how people with disabilities don’t necessarily want to be cured, but want to be treated with respect. We learned that healing communities are open to differences. In the story of Jesus healing the epileptic child, we talked about the difference between care and cure, and how some kind of healing is always possible, even when a cure is not. We learned that healing communities are accepting of life’s hardships. And this Sunday, we will hear the story of Jesus healing a bent-over woman, and consider how Jesus went beyond respect and care to bring about actual transformation. Healing communities are transformative, although the process of finding and sharing one’s wholeness and integrity can be a slow one. We need to keep open hearts toward all that is “still becoming” within us. I will share my own healing journey as an example, and Bonnie and I will offer an oil blessing to strengthen each person on their journey. Together we are healing and healers.
love, Pastor Chelsea

Elim Extra for September 13, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection

Slow Healing: Open Minds

This Sunday we will encounter another healing story of Jesus, and explore the healing power of keeping an open mind, allowing for patience and time to bring about healing and hope for the future. My inspiration for this preaching series has been the Slow Medicine movement, and I love the old-fashioned way of healing that makes room for “Dr. Quiet.” Certainly Dr. Jesus made time to listen and care for those who faced an uncertain future due to their illness or the illness of a family member.

Ascension Lutheran Church did a great job of organizing God’s Work Our Hands Sunday, and with Elim’s help provided 164 blessing bags for the homeless! (Along with 50 school supply backpacks and 22 teacher gift bags, and several hand-tied quilts for highway patrol to distribute to those in accidents.) Our churches’ generosity puts “flesh” on what we are thinking about in worship this month….the power of “being open” and having open hands, minds, and hearts.

Love, Pastor Chelsea


Baby Shower for Pastor ChelseaSept. 24,2023 after worship Pet Blessings – October 1, 2023 @ 1:00  


Installation of Pastor Chelsea – October 7, 2023, 11:30 @ Elim Lutheran Church (Saturday) 

Elim Extra for September 6, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection: God’s Work Our Hands Sunday

Our window is fixed, praise be to God, and thanks to Peggy for arranging the repair!

Please join me in welcoming Pr. Debra Jimenez to Elim’s pulpit on Sunday, as our congregations “swap” and I preach at Ascension Lutheran Church. Thank you for signing up to assist in our joint service projects for God’s Work Our Hands Sunday and for donating items for the blessing bags! It is a special collaboration that bears witness to our unity as a Lutheran community.

The premise behind starting a day of service for the whole Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ten years ago was to demonstrate how we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor; to remind ourselves and show the world that every act of service in our daily life flows from confidence in God’s grace. Thus we are not serving out of a sense of obligation, of owing God or others acts of goodness in order to be accepted. Rather we give out of a sense of abundance, loving others as we have already been loved.

Feeling blessed to do God’s work with you,

Pr. Chelsea

Prayer needs:  Please pray for Matt, Sheri, and Mary. God in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Community needs: Elim has a member in S. Ogden who would appreciate a ride to church on Sundays. Please contact Pr. Rick or Bonnie.

Upcoming Events:

Church Clean Up – Sept. 16th sign-up sheet in Hallway

Constitution Update Committee – Sept. 17, 2023 @ 9:00 am

Church council Meeting – Sept. 17, 2023 after worship

Mary’s Circle Ladies group  – Sept 26 @ noon, place T.B.A.

October 1 – Pet Blessings @ 1:00

(bring your furry family members to church to receive a blessing)

October 7, 2023 – Installation of Pastor Chelsea Page (to Elim Lutheran Church @ 11:30 on Saturday)

October 29 – Reformation Sunday (wear Red)

Elim Extra for September 1, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection

Slow Healing: Be Open

I’m excited to come back on Sunday! A huge thanks to the many individuals who have been serving and keeping ministry going at Elim during my absence. I am truly grateful to have been able to have this time at home with my family.

Since I have been in recovery mode following the birth of my daughter, I have been reflecting on healing and how long it takes. Truly it doesn’t happen overnight. But I believe our lives are always caught up in a gentle current of healing that comes from God. On Sunday we will learn a fun Aramaic word that means “be open.” How important is openness for our collective healing?

Worship during the next month at Elim will be based on my favorite healing stories in the gospels, reflecting wisdom from the “slow medicine” movement (based on Italy’s “slow food” movement) which advocates for a medical system that allows doctors to spend more time with patients, and people to take more time for their own healing. You have blessed me with this time during my maternity leave. Thank you.

I am also excited to welcome Ascension’s pastor Rev. Debra Jimenez into the pulpit on September 10th, as our churches swap pulpits for God’s Work Our Hands Sunday. Thank you for welcoming her for this collaboration with our local ELCA siblings. But first, I can’t wait to see you THIS Sunday!

hugs, Pastor Chelsea

Elim Extra for July 16, 2023

Pastor’s Note
A Place for Faith: Hearth and Home
In our Genesis 25 story for this Sunday, Rebekah is feeling some major pre-labor pains. I can relate! If I am still with you this Sunday and haven’t had my baby yet, we will be talking about how God wants to be a faithful partner in all areas of our lives, including what we do at home with our families.
One of the things that touches me in Genesis, is how often God steps in to help people with practical matters. For example, he sows the first underwear for Adam and Eve and teaches them how to make clothes out of animal skins. And when Rebekah is distressed by her contractions, God performs the world’s first “ultrasound” and tells her she is having twins. I love having a God who cares for our bodies and views all aspects of our daily lives as important.
The prayer energies of this congregation are powerful! I’m so happy to report that Roger is doing better in the hospital; please keep him and Sheri in your prayers. I appreciate the way you care for one another, and hope that you will say a prayer for my baby and birth as well. I’ve felt very joyful and happy being with you at Elim, and look forward to our last Sunday(s) together before I return in September.
Mama/Pastor Chelsea Page

Church Council Meeting – July 23

Pioneer Days July 24, 2023 – Office will be closed.


Volunteers needed for Family Promise

Sat. Aug 5 – Sun. Aug 13

Please contact Gloria Wurst

Grand Opening

Community Resource Center of My Hometown Ogden

August 19, 2023 10 am to 1pm

373 15th Street Ogden, Utah 84404

Free Event – food, entertainment, games, tours, ribbon cutting.

Elim Extra for July 9, 2023

A Place for Faith: Crossroads
“Crossroads” may have an ominous sound to it, like when you’re making a big decision. But really it’s a place of meeting, and this Sunday we will hear in our Scripture about a joyful meeting indeed – a betrothal. Finally, a happy story in Genesis! A love story, no less, where all goes according to plan, and everything works out with minimal drama and fuss. It reminds me of a beautiful poem by the Welsh poet Sheenagh Pugh called “Sometimes.”
Sometimes things don’t go, after all,
from bad to worse. Some years, muscadel
faces down frost; green thrives; the crops don’t fail;
sometimes a man aims high, and all goes well.
A people sometimes will step back from war;
elect an honest man, decide they care
enough, that they can’t leave some stranger poor.
Some men become what they were born for.
Sometimes our best efforts do not go
amiss; sometimes we do as we meant to.
The sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrow
that seemed hard frozen: may it happen for you.
May you “put yourself out there” at the crossroads, and find joy in new relationships and delightful connections.
love, Pastor Chelsea
Church Becoming meets this Sunday, July 9th after worship.
Prayer requests: Please pray for the relatives of Matt Johnson; for Sheri and Roger Beeman; and for a friend who lost her great-granddaughter. God in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Elim Extra for July 2, 2023

Pastor’s Note
A Place for Faith: Testing
We have been following the lectionary as it meanders through the book of Genesis, following our faith ancestors as they travel through different places where their faith can be tested and transformed. From the threshold of the tent where Sarah will soon be pregnant and nesting….to the wilderness of abandoned wells where God frees Hagar from slavery….and now this Sunday, to the mountain of testing, where Abraham almost sacrifices his son Isaac.
Have you ever been pushed to the breaking point, but come out the other side having learned something new? What was God’s role in that process?
As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day weekend, let us not turn away from the complicated history of our nation, but rather celebrate that our conflicted past has taught us to yearn for a better future – the kingdom of God on earth, where nations exist to be a blessing (Genesis 22:18).
with love, Pastor Chelsea
4th of July – Tuesday! The church office will be closed.
Office will be open Wed, Thurs, and Fri. that week.
Church Becoming Meeting – July 9th
Church Council Meeting – July 23

Elim Extra for June 25, 2023

Pastor’s Note: A Place for Faith
We continue to follow the Genesis stories in the lectionary, to see how God’s people passed through spaces where their faith was developed. Our oasis of Elim Lutheran is just such a place for faith!
Please be aware that these stories include heavy topics such as infertility and abuse, which I seek to touch on with sensitivity and hope in God’s gentle care.
You probably heard about the unfortunate vandalism to our side church window. Please don’t hesitate to approach me for more information, and let us pray for forgiveness and protection.
Thank you so much for the lovely luncheon on my first Sunday, and for all who have helped me get oriented! I am so happy to be here.
love, Pastor Chelsea
Prayer needs: Mary for continued recovery after hospitalization; Doug’s recovery from surgery in Vernal; Roy’s medical treatment in California. We send them love and healing.
Community needs: A used computer (desktop or laptop) that we could borrow to assist with a member’s job search. Thank you!

Live-streamed service

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