Elim Extra for December 3, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection

I am very grateful to Pr. Rick for leading worship while I was sick. Advent may be all about waiting, but I was NOT happy to have to wait another week to enjoy our gorgeously decorated Christmas sanctuary with all you beautiful souls! Hopefully you got up to some “holy mischief” without me. Likewise this Advent, we are looking for signs that God might be “up to something.”

Our Scripture readings last Sunday gave us some “Holy Spirit Hints” that God is indeed active in our world. Isaiah said to God, “you are the potter, we are the clay.” If you have ever gone through an experience that changed your way of seeing the world, this is a hint that God is still working in our world by shaping you. Likewise, the gospel of Mark talked about the fig tree putting out tender green shoots that indicate summer is near. The Holy Spirit gives us a sense for what fills us with life and energy instead of depleting it. God is still working in our world by cultivating relationships that are life-giving. Finally, a third type of Holy Spirit hint is insomnia – staying awake simply because we can’t rest. What keeps you up at night? What keeps your neighbors up at night? The truth is, our souls are troubled by what is not right with the world. God is stirring us up to make us long for something better.

These metaphors would fit well into an ancient First Aid kit: clay, leaves, and insomnia tablets! Let us look around us for clues that God is transforming people, giving them energy, and filling them with longing for things to be better. That is how we know God is still about the business of healing in our world.

Love, Pastor Chelsea


This Sunday we will hear about the church’s need for a new furnace, with a congregational vote on the leading bid scheduled for December 17th during worship.

A new Bible Study on First Corinthians will begin next week on Tuesdays at 6 PM in the Fishbowl room, led by Pastor Steve and Lynn Tharpe of First Baptist Church. All are welcome!

Christmas Eve services this year will be at 10 AM and 5 PM.

Giving Tree: Bring new winter clothes for clients of the Rescue Mission and Lantern House.

A member of the Elim family is in need of a place to live. A room, apartment, or house to rent. Can pay up to $2000 per month. Please contact Peggy if you have any leads. Thank you!

Bible study assignment for 12/3 and 12/6: Read chapter 4 of Leading Faithful Innovation (Online group: Page 22)