Elim Extra for July 2, 2023

Pastor’s Note
A Place for Faith: Testing
We have been following the lectionary as it meanders through the book of Genesis, following our faith ancestors as they travel through different places where their faith can be tested and transformed. From the threshold of the tent where Sarah will soon be pregnant and nesting….to the wilderness of abandoned wells where God frees Hagar from slavery….and now this Sunday, to the mountain of testing, where Abraham almost sacrifices his son Isaac.
Have you ever been pushed to the breaking point, but come out the other side having learned something new? What was God’s role in that process?
As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day weekend, let us not turn away from the complicated history of our nation, but rather celebrate that our conflicted past has taught us to yearn for a better future – the kingdom of God on earth, where nations exist to be a blessing (Genesis 22:18).
with love, Pastor Chelsea
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