Elim Extra for Sunday May 26, 2024

Pastor’s Reflection
Last Sunday we heard the scripture being proclaimed in seven languages simultaneously! Eight, if you count baby talk. Who knew we had that many different language readers at Elim? Thank you Dave Thomas for organizing this wonderful Pentecost experiment.
This coming Sunday, we will still have our red paraments up for Holy Trinity Sunday. Normally they should be white, but I want to emphasize how important the Holy Spirit is in the doctrine of the Trinity. Because of the Holy Spirit, the relationship of love between the Father and Son is not a closed two-way relationship, but something we are included in because the Holy Spirit lives in us.
Council will be meeting this Sunday and has been guiding quite a few wonderful repairs around our building. We have a new door and repaired bathroom plumbing, and in the next few weeks we will have new electrical lines in our kitchen and….duh duh duh…..our new furnace is coming! Just in time for some much appreciated summer AC.
Happy Memorial Day weekend, safety to those who are traveling, and for the rest of you, hope to see you at church
with love, Pr. Chelsea