Elim Extra for September 20, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection

Slow Healing: Open Hearts

In worship we have been reflecting on “slow healing” through the healing miracles of Jesus. In the story of Jesus healing the deaf man, we talked about how people with disabilities don’t necessarily want to be cured, but want to be treated with respect. We learned that healing communities are open to differences. In the story of Jesus healing the epileptic child, we talked about the difference between care and cure, and how some kind of healing is always possible, even when a cure is not. We learned that healing communities are accepting of life’s hardships. And this Sunday, we will hear the story of Jesus healing a bent-over woman, and consider how Jesus went beyond respect and care to bring about actual transformation. Healing communities are transformative, although the process of finding and sharing one’s wholeness and integrity can be a slow one. We need to keep open hearts toward all that is “still becoming” within us. I will share my own healing journey as an example, and Bonnie and I will offer an oil blessing to strengthen each person on their journey. Together we are healing and healers.
love, Pastor Chelsea