Elim Extra for Sunday, November 12, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection
Please invite your friends who are veterans to our Sunday worship in honor of Veteran’s Day. Peggy is setting up a Missing Man table to remember our POW/MIA countrymen, and Lucille is bringing poppies to wear, to mark the Armistice Day traditions of the Northern hemisphere. November brings about the dying of the landscape in this part of the world, which is why in worship we turn our focus to all who have died in Christ. As we recognize the efforts of the military veterans in our midst, let us turn to scripture to hear that the promises of God will be fulfilled and all tears wiped away in the new Jerusalem (Revelation 7:17). Thanks to Dave, Leslie, Peggy, Craig, Pam, Lucille, Steve, Pastor Steve Tharp and others for advising me on this service, and Leslie for contributing the flag decorations. It is my first Veteran’s Day, and any gaps that may remain after taking their advice are solely my own rookie errors. I look forward to sharing this important occasion with you.

with love, Pastor Chelsea

Prayer needs:  Please pray for Matt Johnson, Mary Mills, & Kathy Mozer. God in your mercy, hear our prayer. 

*New Bible study every Sunday @ 9:00 – with Pr. Chelsea  

On Zoom Wed. 3:00pm 

Nov. 12 Honoring the Veterans during worship 

Nov. 15 Meet the Pastor @ 6:00 Elim Lutheran Church 

5:30 set-up Soup supper signup sheet in hallway 

Nov. 19 – Please bring canned goods for Thanksgiving service 

                         Decorate the Church after worship 

     Church becoming meeting after decorating 

Nov. 23, Thanksgiving Day! 

Nov. 26 – “Christ the King Sunday” and Advent begins 

Nov. 28, Mary’s Circle – ladies luncheon @ Hug Hess (Noon) 

HO, HO, HO! Sub for Santa – Boy scouts donation needed. 

Place in offering labeled Sub for Santa or give to Dave Thomas.