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Elim Extra for Sunday, October 15, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection Thank you for a wonderful installation last weekend, and the beautiful red roses for Pastor Appreciation Day. Last week we reflected on what it means to be “equipped” for ministry, and I certainly think that all of the love we shared was great “equipment” for our call together! This Sunday we will be […]

Elim Extra for Sunday, October 1, 2023

Elim Extra Pastor’s Reflection What a glorious baby shower last Sunday! It was a special moment to share healing blessings with all of you during worship, and the celebration of Baby Kinley after worship was the cherry on top. I’m blown away by your generous congregational gift, all the thoughtful presents, cute decorations and cake, […]

Elim Extra for September 20, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection Slow Healing: Open Hearts In worship we have been reflecting on “slow healing” through the healing miracles of Jesus. In the story of Jesus healing the deaf man, we talked about how people with disabilities don’t necessarily want to be cured, but want to be treated with respect. We learned that healing communities are open […]

Elim Extra for September 13, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection Slow Healing: Open Minds This Sunday we will encounter another healing story of Jesus, and explore the healing power of keeping an open mind, allowing for patience and time to bring about healing and hope for the future. My inspiration for this preaching series has been the Slow Medicine movement, and I love the old-fashioned way […]

Elim Extra for September 6, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection: God’s Work Our Hands Sunday Our window is fixed, praise be to God, and thanks to Peggy for arranging the repair! Please join me in welcoming Pr. Debra Jimenez to Elim’s pulpit on Sunday, as our congregations “swap” and I preach at Ascension Lutheran Church. Thank you for signing up to assist in […]

Elim Extra for September 1, 2023

Pastor’s Reflection Slow Healing: Be Open I’m excited to come back on Sunday! A huge thanks to the many individuals who have been serving and keeping ministry going at Elim during my absence. I am truly grateful to have been able to have this time at home with my family. Since I have been in […]

Elim Extra for July 16, 2023

Pastor’s Note A Place for Faith: Hearth and Home In our Genesis 25 story for this Sunday, Rebekah is feeling some major pre-labor pains. I can relate! If I am still with you this Sunday and haven’t had my baby yet, we will be talking about how God wants to be a faithful partner in […]

Elim Extra for July 9, 2023

A Place for Faith: Crossroads “Crossroads” may have an ominous sound to it, like when you’re making a big decision. But really it’s a place of meeting, and this Sunday we will hear in our Scripture about a joyful meeting indeed – a betrothal. Finally, a happy story in Genesis! A love story, no less, […]

Elim Extra for July 2, 2023

Pastor’s Note A Place for Faith: Testing We have been following the lectionary as it meanders through the book of Genesis, following our faith ancestors as they travel through different places where their faith can be tested and transformed. From the threshold of the tent where Sarah will soon be pregnant and nesting….to the wilderness […]

Elim Extra for June 25, 2023

Pastor’s Note: A Place for Faith We continue to follow the Genesis stories in the lectionary, to see how God’s people passed through spaces where their faith was developed. Our oasis of Elim Lutheran is just such a place for faith! Please be aware that these stories include heavy topics such as infertility and abuse, […]